Heather Carmody

Director of Midwifery Education

It's about more than ourselves. Being a midwife is about families. It's about having the experience and education to provide care that enriches and empowers families. - Heather Carmody, Midwife

Heather completed her  6-year education and apprenticeship as a Midwife in early 2000. A Long adherent of the adage “Each one, teach one” early in her career, she began a Yahoo study group and guide to assist those who wanted to become a midwife but couldn’t afford the education options available. Over the years, she continued to develop her study guide and with her most recent apprentice created a doula certification with a strong focus on activism and advocacy. in 2020, as a result of the novel coronavirus, she founded The Midwifery Institute and brought the Doula certification online. She also began bringing the Midwifery Education Program further into focus, creating a 4 year course that exceeds the requirements of both NARM and the ICM. 

Over the years, Heather has attended around 350 births as a midwife, 450 including apprenticeship. She has also educated 30 doulas and acted as preceptor to 4 midwifery apprentices. 

She has 6 children; 3 born at home and 3 in the hospital. She had a 28-week preemie, a C-section, and 4 VBAC’s. Heather and 4 of her children live in Tyler, TX with their 2 dogs, 4 cats and a ferret.

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