Midwifery Education Admissions Policies

How to Apply
The Midwifery Institute offers an online application process for ease of use and access. Before applying, students should gather the following documentation and resources.

  • Copy of High School Transcript, Diploma or GED
  • Copy of College Transcripts (If Applicable)
  •  Copy of Doula Certification (If Applicable)
  • Copy of Most Recent CPR Certification (If Applicable)

Prospective students are required to have a high school diploma or GED.

Before beginning classes, students must complete:

  • a labor & birth doula certification course (accepted students can take our course at a discount)
  • a college level english course
  • A college Level Statistics Course

For assistance with college level courses and locating resources, please contact support@midwiferyinstitute.com

Personal Essay:
Every prospective student must submit a personal essay. 


  • Recount an important moment in your life, that fundamentally changed who you are as a person, whether you realized it at the time or not. 
  • 500 Words OR MORE
  • MLA or APA Format

Personal essays are the single most important portion of your application. Applicants who do not submit an adequate personal essay will be automatically disqualified.


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