Throughout The US and Canada, this month, it is Black History Month.

Birthing while black has 4x the mortality rate of birthing while white- despite attempts by the predominantly white OB-GYN community to even the playing field. over the last 5 years, mortality rates have only gotten worse in the United States, across the board- but We have statistics that show what works. The most significant is that black families with black care teams fare significantly better than those without. To that end, this month we are offering increased access to birth worker education to Black and Indigenous people of color by reducing our fees significantly. BIPOC students are encouraged to use the code 4TimesMoreLikely for 60% off all birth worker education in the month of February.

The 4TimesMoreLikely code has expired as of 3/1/23. If you are a BIPOC student, please inquire with our customer support staff regarding the assistance we can provide to make our courses more accessible.

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