The Midwifery Institute's Midwifery Diploma Program

The Midwifery Institute is proud to announce the release of the Diploma in Midwifery, For Fall 2023. We are accepting applications NOW!

      This four-year program for DIRECT ENTRY MIDWIVES encompasses both online coursework and an extensive clinical apprenticeship. It is an exceptionally in-depth and rigorous course of study that exceeds the NARM CPM requirements for certification and enables students to sit the NARM exam (if they choose to do so) after completing the PEP process.  There are certainly easier programs out there, but few will compare. You must complete the entire course, including the apprenticeship, and meet the skills and experience requirements to graduate. Our curriculum has been developed to exceed standards set by the ICM (International Confederation of Midwives) and MEAC (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council). This is not a Nurse-Midwife Program. 

Our Course consists of 8 Sessions. Students may choose to attend between 1-3 sessions per year, each session containing 16 Units.

  • Cohort A will be enrolled full-time year round, with 3 sessions per year, 16 weeks per session. 
  • Cohort B will be enrolled full-time on a school year schedule, with a summer break, 16 weeks per session. 
  • Cohort C will have 32 weeks to complete each session, with summer breaks. 
  • Submit your application
  • A Minimum of one year working in a birth profession including as a Doula, Monitrice, or Apprentice where you attended at least 5 births. Or complete our Doula certification course.
  • Highschool Diploma or GED
  • College Level Statistics Course
  • College Level English Course
  • Admissions Essay
  • Interview with The Executive Director
  • Complete each session with an average grade of 80% or higher.
  •  Pass the final exam with a grade of 85% or higher.
  •  Fulfill the minimum number of clinical hours per semester.
  • Provide details from your clinical experiences to include:
  • A minimum of 75 births with an increasing level of responsibility.
    • At most 35 as an assistant
    • At minimum 40 as the primary under supervision.
  • A minimum of 225 prenatal visits.
    • At most 75 as an assistant
    • At least 150 as the primary under supervision.
  • A minimum of 150 postpartum visits
    • At most 50 as an assistant
    • At least 100 as the primary under supervision.
  • 65 Newborn exams
    • At most 20 as an assistant
    • At least 45 as the primary under supervision.
  • Of the 75 births 50 will show continuity of care with the student providing at least 3 prenatal and 2 postpartum visits.
  • All the births will be planned out of hospital either at the client’s home or a free-standing birth center.
  • No more than 10 may be transports before or during birth. 

Our tuition is dependent on the student and their preferred method and timeline of payment. Books, materials and apprenticeship fees are separate and not controlled by the Midwifery Institute. 

Tuition Options:

  • Program Paid-in-Full: $14,000
  • We also offer weekly, biweekly, monthly and by-session payment plans tailored to the individual student, which include their own fees and additional costs. 

Estimated Cost of Books & Materials: $1,100 

All Required books & Materials can be found in The Midwifery Institute’s store for purchase from Amazon.com

The Midwifery Institute is proud to offer a variety of scholarships for aspiring midwives, available to Accepted students. The application for each scholarship is the same, and available at the button labeled scholarship below. Scholarship applications will not be processed if we have not yet received an admissions application. An Essay on how you will use your education to serve at-risk populations is required and the single most important factor used in award determinations. No student will receive more than one scholarship. 

  • Onnie Lee Logan Memorial Scholarship: To increase Representation among midwives of color, this scholarship covers up to 50% of the cost of tuition. 2 Awards per cohort. 
  • Kathleen Morton Memorial Scholarship: To increase access in rural communities, this scholarship covers up to 50% of the cost of tuition. 2 awards available per cohort. 
  • Florence Scholarship: To increase access to out-of-hospital birth to LGBTQIA+ populations. This scholarship covers up to 50% of the cost of tuition. 

We do not offer financial aid at this time. Payment plans and options information is available in the the tuition and fees tab. students may also be able to finance their education through Affirm or paypal pay-over-time. 

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