What a Wild month it’s Been!

In the past 30 or so days, we have been behind the scenes, expanding not only our team and course offerings, but also our families! a few weeks ago, Sam and her husband welcomed a healthy new baby to their family, their second child. I think it says a lot for our mission that Sam chose one of our certified doulas for her birth, a compassionate, kind and dedicated birth worker named Candace Johnston, of Embrace Every Moment (embraceeverymoment.org). Sam will remain on maternity leave for several months, popping in to grade when she’s the most bored person on the face of the earth… outside of an 11-year-old with a messy bedroom that is.

New Team Members

In the meantime, we have expanded our team again! Taylor Mitchelle Weisz has officially joined the Midwifery Institute Team in innovation. Taylor provides Human Resources consultation, marketing and fresh ideas as we grow. We would also like to welcome Jazman Allen, Doctor of Psychology, to our course development team. Jazman will be developing Counseling Skills for Birth Workers, which will be offered as a continuing education course for our doulas as well as become part of our Midwifery Program. Also new to the team is Danette Rossi, an herbalist and Midwife’s Assistant who will be writing a more advanced Herbalism course for us. We are still accepting applications for course developers with a special set of skills. we have a list of over 150 courses that we would like to eventually offer, and you can assist with this! Send your resume to Rebecca@midwiferyinstitute.com

Childbirth Education

Our childbirth education course is plugging along! New teaching aides arrived over Christmas, with more expected to arrive throughout January, improving my ability to record accurate and interesting lectures. While we are still a long way off from launch, progress is being made, with new course materials being added weekly. I expect to be able to launch this course no later than April 1.

Course Improvements

Last month we announced improvements for The Fertility doula course were complete. This month, I am proud to say we have finished the conversion of the Labor & Doula course from the old format with confusing buttons and pages, to the new format, with individual videos and lectures listed individually, and not on multiple pages within the same section. questions on assignments have been improved for clarity and streamlined to provide a better experience for our students. If you had already signed up for the labor & birth doula course prior to this change, you will remain enrolled in the former version. All new enrollments will have access to the new format. The materials and education are exactly the same across both courses, one is just easier to navigate.

Postpartum Doula is getting new lectures over the next several weeks. Sam began this process before taking maternity leave, and will continue at her leisure. She insists it’s like a fun hobby. When Sam returns from Maternity leave, our Bereavement and Loss Doula course is getting a full overhaul to bring it from expanded learning for current doulas to a doula specialty certification in its own right. We are very excited! like the expansion to fertility doula, these improvements will not affect previously completed course work- if you have already completed a module, there will be no need to go back and complete new assignments, unless you really want to.

Upcoming Promotions

From today, December 28, 2022 until January 12, 2023, you can use code BabyNewYear for an additional 25% off current sale prices, for up to 44% off regular prices.

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In the new year, we will also be bringing back webinars. stay tuned to our website for tickets and recordings. a new section of our website will appear on the top menu.

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