Payment Plans

     The Midwifery Institute is proud to be able to offer Private credit-free financing to our students, each plan tailored to fit the individual educational and financial needs of each student. We hear from prospective students every day who would like to take our courses but don’t feel they can afford it. To that end, we are offering tailored plans to allow you to meet your goals.

     In order to set up a payment plan, use the chat bubble to the lower right of your screen, and tell us your name, your email address and the name of the course or courses you’d like to enroll in.

     Our plans are weekly, biweekly (every other weekly) and for some purchases exceeding $750, monthly. They range from $20-$125 per payment. students may choose to make an initial deposit of $75 or more in order to lower their recurring payment amounts. Some fees may apply. 

       An invoice for your first payment will be sent to your email when arrangements have been made. Once you’ve made your first payment or deposit, you will be enrolled and receive login information to your email. 

     This is a completely separate program from Affirm. 

Terms and conditions:

These terms and conditions are subject to change periodically in accordance with updates to methodology and policies. 

Payment plans are entirely dependent on what courses you wish to enroll in, with payments available weekly, biweekly and monthly. Payment plans are offered as a courtesy; The Midwifery Institute reserves the right to revoke payment plan privileges at any time. current sale prices and referral promo codes are available to Payment Plan customers, general coupon codes are not. Payment Plans will not be initiated without same-day payment. Students will not receive access to courses until payment has been received. 

Payment is due promptly on the dates agreed upon during your payment plan consultation. After payment methods are entered, they will be retained for future payments. Payments after the first can be made manually or will be made automatically if payment is not received by 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time on the date payment is expected. Failure to make payments in a timely manner will result in suspension from all courses and student groups in which the student is enrolled until payment for total cost of courses enrolled is received in full. Students who have not completed their payment plan will not be certified. Students who remain delinquent on payment plans for a period of 28 days or more will be removed from enrollment entirely. All Monies received from Payment Plans is non-refundable. 

Students requiring more than 30 days to pay off their courses will be subject to service charges. 

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