Fertility Doula Certification Training

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A fertility doula (CFD) is a specific doula that supports individuals and families on their path to become pregnant, regardless of what that looks like. Whether going the fertility clinic route, at home monitoring and insemination, or a mixture of the two – a fertility doula provides you with support best suited to your needs and wants.

Did you know that even under optimal conditions, the chances of getting pregnant are around 20% per month? This makes it difficult for many to get pregnant naturally. In our Fertility Doula Certification, you’ll learn about fertility and multiple ways to help a client get pregnant naturally, fertility treatments, helping members of the LGBT+ community, and more. We will also cover pregnancy avoidance.

The Fertility Doula course contains 6 modules of training, and takes 1-8 weeks to complete.

This course counts for 3 CEUs toward the TMI Doula Certification. 

The fertility doula  Course provides the Certified Fertility Doula (CFD) credential upon completion of the course, and payment-in-full. We strongly recommend a Labor & Birth doula certification prior to completing this course.

Required Texts:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (ISBN: 0060881909) Available on Thriftbooks for $4.19 (4/25/22)

It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett (ISBN: 0991126904) Available on Thriftbooks for $11.92 (4/25/22)

The Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy by Robert A. Greene (ISBN: 0307337405) Available on Thriftbooks for $5.09 (4/25/22)