Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Training



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About This Course:

Updated! New and Improved 2/18/23

  • Online, Self Paced
  • Intensive
  • 6 Modules
    • Safety and sanitation
    • traditions
    • anatomy
    • encapsulate!
    • Art & alternatives
    • contracts and paper trail
    • final exams and assignments
  • 3 Required Readings
  • 1-8 Weeks to Complete
  • Additional $10 Food Handler’s Certification linked in the Course


Have you been asked if you provide placenta encapsulation, or would you like to start offering it to your clients? This course will cover multiple methods of encapsulation, proper handling methods, alternative methods for placenta preservation and use, and more. This class will require you to choose a method of placenta encapsulation and submit a video from start to finish. This Course contains 6 Modules and will take 1-8 weeks to complete depending on the time commitment of the individual student.

Required Reading (Choose one):

Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra by Robin Lim (ISBN: ‎ 0976290774) Available on Abebooks for $12.50 (4/25/22)

Placenta Wit by Nane Jordan (ISBN: 1772581070) Available on Kindle for $25.60 (4/25/22)

Worth Trying? (Article by Johnson, Pastuschek Et All) (NO COST)

This Course counts for 3 CEU’s Toward the TMI Doula Certification


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