This is a Qualified Education Program approved by the Council for Midwifery Certification.

Requirements to Enroll in the Diploma in Midwifery Program: Learn More

When you are accepted into the program, you are awarded the Apprentice Midwife Credential from the Center for Midwifery Certification. Upon completion, you will be awarded the Junior Midwife Credential also from the Center for Midwifery Certification. the regular certification fees are included in your tuition.

  • Submit your application
  • Have an agreement with a Senior Midwife for your clinical development by your 2nd year.
  • A Minimum of one year working in a birth profession including as a Doula, Monitrice, or Apprentice where you attended at least 5 births. Or complete our Doula certification course. 
  • Highschool Diploma or GED
  • College level prerequisite courses:
    • Composition 1
    • One college level math course
    • Anatomy and Physiology 1
    • Intro to Psychology
    • Intro to Sociology

If you do not have all the prerequisite courses completed contact the admissions office to discuss a plan to complete your prerequisite courses while starting the Midwifery Program.

If you choose to complete our Doula Certification course, we will give a discount of 50% of the tuition paid off the first installment of the Diploma in Midwifery.


Requirements to Graduate.

Complete the course of study with an average grade of 80% or higher. Pass the final exam with a grade of 85% or higher
Fulfill the minimum number of clinical hours per semester.
Provide details from your clinical experiences to include:
  • Attained the Apprentice Midwife certification.
  • A minimum of 75 births with an increasing level of responsibility.
    • At most 40 as an assistant
    • At minimum 35 as the primary under supervision.
  • A minimum of 225 prenatal visits.
    • At most 75 as an assistant
    • At least 150 as the primary under supervision.
  • A minimum of 100 postpartum visits
    • At most 50 as an assistant
    • At least 50 as the primary under supervision.
  • 65 Newborn exams
    • At most 20 as an assistant
    • At least 45 as the primary under supervision.
  • Of the 75 births 50 will show continuity of care with the student providing at least 3 prenatal and 2 postpartum visits.
  • All the births will be planned out of hospital either at the client’s home or a free-standing birth center.
  • No more than 10 may be transports before or during birth.
  • Pass the CJM exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • CPR certified
  • NRP certified
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