Free and Low Cost Learning Resources

We aren’t the end-all-be-all in online education- Far from it. as part of our mission, it’s important to us that we provide our students with as many free and low-cost resources as possible to further each and every journey. To that end, here are some resources we definitely recommend and why.  

Other Classes You Can Take…

Expand Your View

How to Learn online by EdX – FREE

Feminism and Social Justice – FREE

Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Action by EdX – FREE

Menstruation in a Global Context: Addressing Policy and Practice by ColombiaX – FREE

Black Lives Matter – FREE

Be Prepared

Introduction to Statistics – FREE… This is a pre-requisite to enrolling in our midwifery program

English Composition I – FREE… This is a prerequisite to enrolling in our midwifery program


Meta Social Media Marketing Capstone – FREE 

Building a Business Presence with Facebook Marketing – FREE

Create a Google Ads Search Campaign – FREE

Create your E-Commerce Store with Shopify – FREE

How to Optimize your Instagram Account – FREE

Small Business Marketing using Youtube – FREE

Other Learning…

DuoLingo – FREE  … Do you have a diverse population in your service area? increase your demographic by learning a second, third or fourth language. 

Khan Academy– FREE … If you’re feeling a bit behind or need a refresher in things you might have learned in school. 


Other Resources

Project Gutenberg – FREE online books in the public domain. 

Thrift Books – LOW COST purchase books for classes or clients for low cost

In His Hands – Birth & Educational Supply company. The lowest cost We’ve found. 

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