Traditional Midwife Certification

This is a 4-year program comprised of 3 terms per year. 

Throughout the course, students will follow an individualized plan for clinical skills development. 

Total tuition is $105 per credit hour

 $16,000 plus books and equipment


Financial Aid

At the Midwifery Institute, we are firm believers in affordable education. We strive to provide opportunity so that everyone that wants a quality midwifery education can achieve it. 
 We have a limited number of partial scholarships. To apply fill out the form below.


There are loans available for attending career schools including:

The difference is that if you finance through an external organization such as Sallie Mae, you often won’t be required to make payments until you have graduated. If the Midwifery Institute extends an in-house loan, payments will commence as soon as class starts.

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