Intro to tuition


Traditional Midwife Certification

This is a 4-year program comprising 3 terms per year. 

Each term has 12 credits.

  • 3 classes worth 3 credits each.
  • 1 Community work or clinical worth 3 credits

Throughout the course you will follow an individualized plan for clinical skills development. 

Total tuition is $15,000

 Payment Options:

Pay in full for a 10% discount and pay only $13,500.
Pay $3750 yearly for 4 years.
Pay $1250 per term for 12 terms.
Pay $312.50 per month for 48 months.

During your interview you will have a chance to discuss payment plans.


Financial Aid

We are firm believers in education being available and affordable. We will do our best to make sure that everyone that wants a quality midwifery education can achieve it. 
 We have a limited number of partial scholarships and each year we will award a full scholarship for one year of tuition. To apply, click the button and fill out the form.
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