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Welcome to The Midwifery Institute

Excellence in Education

     At the Midwifery Institute, we train aspiring birth workers to provide compassionate care based on a marriage of centuries of tradition and modern scientific evidence, to provide a standard of care unmatched by other birth worker education providers. Our training leads our students to practice among diverse populations and honor the holistic significance of birth and its unique place in spiritual, physical, and mental implications for each family.

      The Midwifery Institute was founded in 2014 by midwives with a combined 43 years experience in birth work. we provide extensive and intensive Birth Worker training in many specialties, continuing education, and webinars on a variety of childbearing-related topics. Unlike many of our competitors, We are a school- Our courses involve quizzes, tests, research projects and video assignments, all of which are graded by qualified professionals and facilitators. 

On Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace

Our Courses are offered 100% asynchronous, on your own time and your own schedule. There is no need to get a hotel room in a distant city when you certify through the Midwifery Institute, so you can complete your birth worker education from the comfort of your own home.
     Course access also doesn’t expire. If it takes you 2 years to get through the course, that’s completely fine and there is no need to pay an additional fee to maintain access; a single payment entitles you to access our course until it’s complete.

Continued Support

At The Midwifery Institute, your access to the support of our educators and facilitators doesn’t end when you complete your course- Our online community allows for continued support throughout your career in birth work, with the ability to confer with your peers, find new education opportunities and receive personalized answers to your questions from those who have come before you. 


The Midwifery Institute is an amazing educational center! I have taken their fertility doula course and have been able to help many women on their journey to conceiving, or in body literacy. The course offers a wide variety of lectures, reading, video and assignments to accommodate different learning styles. This course was not easy! I am what many would call a “course junkie” and will fly by them with an eidetic memory, ready to go. This course has been rigorous and put me to the test, in the best possible way! As a TMI student, I have been granted access to their private group and one on one mentorship that has been beyond helpful! I highly recommend The Midwifery Institute for any and all birth workers!
Sadie Kelly

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