Educating the Midwives of Tomorrow

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The Midwifery Institute is proud to announce the release of the Midwife Diploma! This program is intended to take 4 years to complete. You will find that it is an exceptionally in-depth and rigorous course of study. There are certainly easier programs out there, but few that will compare.

The curriculum has been developed to comply with the ICM (International Confederation of Midwives). Following their requirements, the course is designed to span 4 years of study with steadily increasing clinical responsibilities. The theory component is a total of 261 credits comprised of 111 credits in course work, 15 credits pre-requisites and 135 hours in clinicals. This can encompass a variety of activities and more details will be provided in each term.  You can find the competencies list by following the link below.

We have a mission to ensure that every woman has a well-trained Doula at her birth. Our vision of the role of a doula is a partner for the woman. She is there to advocate for the mother and to, preferably, work with the care team to help keep the birth normal. When a new mother has used the services of a doula, she has a better chance to feel more in control of her birth. An empowering birth can often mean the world to a woman that has been systematically oppressed.
This certification program will prepare you to support women in pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.
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