Educating the Birth Workers of Tomorrow

At the Midwifery Institute, we train aspiring birth workers to provide compassionate care based on a marriage of centuries of tradition and modern scientific evidence. Founded in 2014, we provide Doula training in a number of specialties, continuing education and webinars on a variety of childbearing related topics. We lead our students to practice among diverse populations and honor the holistic significance of birth and its unique place in spiritual, physical, and mental implications for each family. 

Doula massaging pregnant woman at home

Doula Training

Our Doula training courses provide a well-rounded and complete education to assist you in beginning your career as an entry-level birth worker, providing physical and emotional support as well as education to clients from a variety of backgrounds. 

Get started with Doula Certification, then expand your knowledge and your practice with Fertility Doula Training & Certification, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Doula Training, and Postpartum Doula Training and Certification. 


Basics for Birth Workers Series

Continuing Education is at the core of what we do as birth workers. This series of courses, taken individually or bundled together, ensure your resume is full of skills you can use to expand your business and provide the best possible service for your clients. 

The classes that can be bundled and their release dates:

  • Herbs and Aromas (Available Now!)
  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (Available Now!)
  • Cultural Competency for Birth Workers (Coming Soon!)
  • Trauma Informed Care (Coming Soon!)
  • Babywearing for Birth workers (Coming Soon!)
  • Counseling Skills in the Childbearing Year (Coming Soon!)
  • Childbirth Educator Training (Coming Soon)
  • and Many More to Come. Check out the continuing Education section of the menu


You will always have access to any course you purchase! We never remove you.

All of our classes are online and self-paced. We are the ONLY doula education provider and certifier to provide asynchronous education for birth workers with no deadlines and no due dates. 

We certainly do! They include:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Affirm- Pay over time
  • Private Payment Plans

On rare occasion, we offer partial scholarships- up to 40% of the total cost of the course, before any discounts currently being offered.  For more information, please contact Support@MidwiferyInstitute.com to schedule an interview. 

Our Midwifery Program is currently on hold for further development. We expect to be able to launch the Midwifery Education Program No later than September 2024. 

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