Scholarship Programs

Doula Course Scholarship Programs

Onnie Lee Logan Memorial Scholarship

In honor of 20th century midwife, Onnie Lee Logan, we offer the Onnie Lee Logan Memorial scholarship, covering up to 80% of the tuition fee this scholarship does NOT provide any funding for required materials. 

to apply for the Onnie Lee Logan Memorial Scholarship, applicants should send a 500 word essay on how they will serve an under-served population of clients, identify that population, and how they will pay the scholarship forward to their clients to

submissions that have not been through basic grammar or spell check software and those that do not meet the minimum requirement of 500 words will be automatically rejected. 

This Scholarship has been exhausted for 2023. 

Kathleen Morton Fund

In honor of beloved mother of 8 and grandmother of more than 70, Kathleen Morton, we offer the Kathleen Morton Fund scholarship to students in demonstratable need who demonstrate a passion for serving new families. applicants must provide proof of State Assistance such as SNAP benefits or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (may be called other things in other states) unemployment, SSDI or last year’s tax return showing an income of less than $50,000 per year and an essay of at least 500 words explaining their current challenges toward working at any time of day or night and how they will address them, and provide pay-it-forward assistance to new and expectant families.  This information can be sent to 

This fund covers up to 80% of tuition costs and DOES NOT cover books or supplies. 

Other Scholarships

Marsha P. Johnson Scholarship: This scholarship in honor of transwoman Marsha P. Johnson is for for LGBTQIA Activists who intend to serve LGBTQIA families. This scholarship covers 70% of tuition and does not include books and supplies. To apply, submit a 500 Word Essay on serving LGBTQIA Families. 

Matilde Petra Montoya Lafragua Scholarship: For Spanish-Language Birth Workers. This scholarship covers 70% of tuition. it does not cover books and supplies.  in order to qualify, you MUST speak Spanish fluently in a medical setting. A fluency test will be administered. Please submit a 500 word essay on the challenges faced by those who do not speak the dominant language of their region or country in seeking medical care. 

Saving Our Sisters Scholarship: This scholarship is for aspiring birth workers who intend to EXCLUSIVELY and at cost, serve in high-risk populations. a 750-word essay identifying the high-risk population such as homeless or domestic violence shelter residents, incarcerated individuals, rehabilitation and recovery centers and the challenges they face and how doula care can help to mitigate those risks. This scholarship covers 100% of tuition. Only 5 will be awarded per calender year.  

Merit Scholarship: Coming soon, the midwifery institute will offer an exam to allow students to be awarded based on the merit of their motivation and previous education. Please stay tuned.