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As long as you Like! TMI prides itself in being the ONLY online self-paced provider of birth worker education. There are no due dates and no deadlines to complete your course. We recognize that life can get pretty hectic. Don’t worry! your coursework will be right here waiting for you when things get a little easier. 

TMI certifications are valid across the world, but are designed with privatized American Healthcare in mind. Not all information provided within our courses will apply to Doulas in countries with nationalized healthcare, IE Canada, France, the UK. 

Our Midwifery Program is currently on hold, but we hope to be able to relaunch it for Fall 2024 at the latest. 

No. We are an independent certification agency with a focus on providing excellent evidence-based and traditional care to clients. As we are not affiliated with these organizations, it would be up to that organization whether or not they wanted to count our courses as continuing education for renewal of credentials. 

YES! We accept Credit, Debit and Paypal, and offer credit-score based payments through affirm. 

We also offer credit-free financing through Sumo Payment plans. This is our in-house financing option, no credit check required. Select this option at check out to find out more. 

We offer special discount codes of up to 40% off the regular price of courses, on RARE occasion to individuals we identify through an interview process. These scholarships are most often identity-based, and awarded to those in underserved and at-risk communities. Interviews are only available on certain days and are directly with our executive director. Please contact Support@midwiferyInstitute.com for more information. 

The Midwifery Institute offers sales on a regular basis, either on specific courses, or our entire course catalogue. You are encouraged to follow our facebook page and instagram account for occasional coupon codes as well.

We do not offer Military, senior, student or any other form of identity or service based discount. 

If you’re not getting our password reset emails, it may be because your email provider has designated our server as spam (Yahoo! for example has done so). Remember to check your spam folder. If it’s not there, email support@midwiferyinstitute.com for a manual reset. 

Our login form is case sensitive. all usernames should be entirely lowercase.

example: jane.smith 

NOT: Jane.Smith



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