Welcome to The Midwifery Institute! Originally founded in 2015 as Madre Sana, The Midwifery Institute began migrating online in 2019. Let me tell you more about us!

We were originally conceived in 2015 by Heather Carmody (LM, CPM, CTM) and Rebecca Emmons (CTM) as an on-site alternative to a number of more medically focused programs we were encountering as we moved forward in our practice of midwifery. We began teaching in-person Doula seminars, and designing courses for continued education, with the eventual goal of taking the education model under which we had both studied to a wider and more modern audience. After a break, starting in 2017, we came back to the table, brought in other minds and The Midwifery Institute was born. 

Today, Midwifery Institute is 100% online, and currently offers Doula and Basics for Birth Workers course work, with expansion in the future. 

Doula Courses:

Our program is unique. Instead of just a weekend long workshop, we break it into 6 modules. There will be a recorded lecture, reading, and assignments. After completing our course and it’s requirements,  our doulas will be well educated and ready to competently assist mothers to have fulfilling births. We currently have two doula certifications available: Labor & Birth Doula, and Fertility Doula. 

Basics for Birth Workers:

We Currently have two additional courses for Birth Workers; Herbs and Aromas, and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Herbs and Aromas is an introduction to the world of herbal and aromatherapy, while the placenta encapsulation specialist course will prepare students for sidework encapsulating placentas for birth clients. More courses are coming soon, so be sure to check back often!



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