Doula Training Platinum Bundle


Labor Doula Certification

How the program works:

  • Online, Asynchronous Learning
    • No Time limits
    • No Deadlines
  • 6 Modules, Containing Recorded Lectures, Videos, Reading, and Assignments
    • Being a Doula
    • Pregnancy & Fetal Positioning
    • Birth Support
    • Nutrition, Herbs & Homeopathy
    • Breastfeeding
    • The Business of Birth
  • 40+ Hours of Training
  • Single Course Fee for All-Inclusive Digital Course Access
  • Assignments graded Weekly

Fertility Doula Certification

A fertility doula (CFD) is a specific doula that supports individuals and families on their path to becoming pregnant, regardless of what that looks like. Whether going the fertility clinic route, at-home monitoring and insemination, or a mixture of the two – a fertility doula provides you with support best suited to your needs and wants.

Did you know that even under optimal conditions, the chances of getting pregnant are around 20% per month? This makes it difficult for many to get pregnant naturally. In our Fertility Doula Certification, you’ll learn about fertility and multiple ways to help a client get pregnant naturally, fertility treatments, allowing members of the LGBT+ community, and more. We will also cover pregnancy avoidance.

Purchase of this course entitles the student to access our private student and alums group, which offers early access to systems in development, free attendance to all live webinars, and discount codes on existing products. 

The Fertility Doula course contains six modules of training and assignments and takes an average of 8 weeks to complete.

This course counts for 3 CEUs toward the TMI Doula Certification. 

The fertility doula  Course provides the Certified Fertility Doula (CFD) credential upon completion and payment in full. We strongly recommend a Labor & Birth doula certification before completing this course.

Required Texts:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (ISBN: 0060881909) Available on Thriftbooks for $4.19 (4/25/22)

It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett (ISBN: 0991126904) Available on Thriftbooks for $11.92 (4/25/22)

The Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy by Robert A. Greene (ISBN: 0307337405) Available on Thriftbooks for $5.09 (4/25/22)


Postpartum Doula Certification 2.0

A comprehensive view of physical postpartum changes, hormonal and emotional changes, newborn care basics, lactation basics, soft skills that make an excellent postpartum doula, and business basics!

By the end of this course you should have an in depth understanding of ways to tangible ways to assist new parents, and newly postpartum individuals as well as feel confident navigating and implementing soft skills when working with your clients.

This course also will help prepare you for various forms of communication with your clients and marketing yourself as you build a business.

About This Course:

  • Online, Self Paced
  • Intensive
  • 8 Modules
    • Welcome to The Midwifery Institute!
    • Physical Changes & Signs of Infection
    • Hormonal & Emotional Changes and Mental Health
    • The Newborn
    • Lactation: Just the Basics
    • Doula Soft Skills
    • Business
    • final exam
  • 2-10 Weeks to Complete


Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Training

Have you been asked if you provide placenta encapsulation, or would you like to start offering it to your clients? This course will cover multiple encapsulation methods, proper handling methods, alternative methods for placenta preservation and use, and more. This class will require you to choose a method of placenta encapsulation and submit a video from start to finish. This Course contains 6 Modules and will take 1-8 weeks to complete depending on the time commitment of the individual student.

Required Reading (Choose one):

Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra by Robin Lim (ISBN: ‎ 0976290774) Available on Abebooks for $12.50 (4/25/22)

Placenta Wit by Nane Jordan (ISBN: 1772581070) Available on Kindle for $25.60 (4/25/22)

Worth Trying? (Article by Johnson, Pastuschek Et All) (NO COST)

This Course counts for 3 CEUs Toward the TMI Doula Certification.

Perinatal Bereavement 2.0

  • Online, Asynchronous Learning
    • No Time limits
    • No Deadlines
  • 4 Modules, Containing Videos, Reading, and Assignments
    • Why this is important
    • Abortion (Types, Reasons, Supporting)
    • Miscarriage (Types, Reasons, Supporting)
    • Stillbirth (Types, Reasons, Supporting)
  • 15+ Hours of Training
  • Single Course Fee for All-Inclusive Digital Course Access
  • Assignments graded Weekly

In this course, we will cover multiple types of pregnancy and infant loss (including abortion), reasons the loss could have occurred, and how to support the family through the loss. A required reading list will be provided when the course is launched. Doulas will receive the TMI Loss Doula (LD) endorsement after completing this course. It is strongly recommended that students complete a Labor & Birth Doula certification before enrolling in this course.


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