Labor Doula 2.0

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

How the program works:

  • Online, Asynchronous Learning
    • No Time limits
    • No Deadlines
  • 6 Modules, Containing Recorded Lectures, Videos, Reading, and Assignments
    • Being a Doula
    • Pregnancy & Fetal Positioning
    • Birth Support
    • Nutrition, Herbs & Homeopathy
    • Breastfeeding
    • The Business of Birth
  • 40+ Hours of Training
  • Single Course Fee for All-Inclusive Digital Course Access
  • Assignments graded Weekly

Our program is unique. Instead of just a weekend-long workshop, we break it into six online modules, including recorded lectures, videos, reading, and assignments. The goal is that our doulas will be well educated and ready to competently assist mothers to have fulfilling births without the extensive after-the-workshop requirements of other programs.

We’re here to help guide you on your journey toward certification. We have a mission to ensure every woman has a well-trained Doula at birth. Our vision of the role of a doula is a partner for the birthing person. She is there to advocate for the birthing person and, preferably, work with the care team to help keep the birth within normal limits. When a new parent has used the services of a doula, she has a better chance to feel more in control of her birth.

This certification program will prepare you to provide evidence-based support for expectant families in pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. We will cover what a doula is, the development of the embryo and fetus, comfort measures you can assist clients with as their pregnancy support, how to support your client in pregnancy, labor, immediately postpartum, support optimal nutrition, breastfeeding, and running your birth business. This Course contains 6 Modules and will take 1-10 weeks to complete depending on the time commitment of the individual student.

You will receive a frameable Certificate with a unique serial number upon completing this Course.

This Course is Valid and Recognized in all US States and Canadian Provinces.

Purchase of this Course entitles the student to access our private student and alums group, which offers early access to courses in development, free attendance to all live webinars, and discount codes on existing products.

Certification Requirements:

Attain your CPR cert within one year

Complete the education program.

Be current on your payment plan if applicable.

Every two years pay the $50 renewal fee

Complete the re-certification application

Maintain your CPR certification

Complete 10 CEUs


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